Civil & Business Litigation

Attorneys in Practice Area:
Terrence B. O’Sullivan
Max Merrill
Stephen D. Dixon
David G. Brown
Alan N. Stewart

The roots of Merrill O’Sullivan run deep into Central Oregon and reflect our ties to the community, borne out of years of living and practicing here. We have practiced law in the Central Oregon area for over thirty-five years, representing a wide range of Central Oregon businesses and individuals. The litigation department at Merrill O’Sullivan handles a broad range of business, real estate, corporate and commercial issues, including: contract disputes, construction litigation, business torts, employment matters, real estate litigation, probate matters, fraud, family matters, property issues, collections, debtor and creditor rights, and corporate and partnership disputes.

We customize our approach to each case to fit the needs of each individual client. We will aggressively litigate the case when necessary; however it is always our goal to communicate and to try and resolve disputes as amicably and as efficiently as possible for the benefit of our clients. We also try to mediate, negotiate or arbitrate as the situation may dictate and are well respected throughout the state as both private and court appointed mediators and arbitrators. If there is a solution to your problem, we will find it, whether that means litigation or an alternate form of dispute resolution. We offer exemplary legal services and cost-efficient solutions to civil disputes.