Construction Law

Attorneys in Practice Area:
Terrence B. O’Sullivan
Max Merrill

David G. Brown

We represent developers, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, homeowners and professionals concerning residential, commercial and public construction projects. Merrill O’ Sullivan handles all phases of the construction process and associated legal advice – from business formation, drafting contracts, dealing with bids and bonding, liens, bonds and retainage claims, OSHA claims, lien foreclosures, construction disputes, general contractor disputes, subcontractor disputes, mechanic’s lien claims, and construction defect lawsuits. Our attorneys know that from a contractor’s perspective, unforeseen site conditions, noncompliance with contractual notice requirements, withheld payments, back charges, undocumented change orders, errors in bidding, and poor project scheduling can all hamper a construction site. Merrill O’Sullivan is here to ensure that your construction issues, whatever size, are addressed.