Family Law & Domestic Relations

Attorneys in Practice Area:
Terrence B. O’Sullivan
Max Merrill
Stephen D. Dixon
David G. Brown
Richard W. Funk

Although no one likes to think that they will ever need a family law attorney, the fact remains that we all know friends or loved ones who have gone through a dissolution, a custody dispute, or litigated a child or spousal support agreement.  People facing hard choices need good advice to make informed decisions.  The attorneys at Merrill O’Sullivan are here to answer your family law-related questions. Our extensive experience in Oregon family law will guide you through this difficult time. We’re here to protect your interests.

We have over 30 years of experience in handling or litigating marital dissolutions, custody disputes, adoptions, guardianships, conservatorships, pre-marital agreements, post-marital agreements, marital settlement agreements, contempt issues, custody and parenting time issues, domestic violence and abuse issues, Family Abuse Prevention Act issues, grandparents’ rights, and paternity issues. We also recognize the necessity of amicably and efficiently resolving family law disputes, as sometimes the parties are better served working together for the benefit of both, rather than fighting and depleting resources. Accordingly, we are skilled in negotiation, mediation and cooperative family law when the situation warrants.  We pride ourselves on the reasonable and creative approach we apply for our clients.